Voice Solutions

Cellular Solutions

Data Solutions

Interior Cellular Solutions


  • Increased Cellular Signal Strength Inside of a Building ("ICE")
  • Interior Wireless Public Safety Band Enhancement (I-BAND)
  • Nationwide Installation Services
  • Professional Cell Phone Repeater System Designs
  • Competitive Pricing / Superior Service


  • Routine and emergency service calls
  • Moves, adds and changes
  • Telephone systems
  • Voice mail systems
  • New system sales and installation
  • Equipment brokering
  • Cabling – voice, data, audio & video
  • Video conferencing
  • Storage and warehousing services
  • Coordination with local phone companies
  • Site inventories & audits


  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Inside Plant Applications
  • Outside Plant Applications
  • Fiber Optics
  • MAC Work (Moves/Add/Changes)
  • Wireless Data Applications
  • Cabling – voice, data, audio & video
  • Nationwide Roll-outs
  • Consulting
  • BICSI Certified RCDDs
  • Design/Build
  • BICSI Certified Technicians
  • CAD Services
  • Project Management
  • Cable Plant Certification


BERK-TEL Online Solutions System (BOSS)

BERK-TEL unleashes its new and improved BOSS system, enabling customers to place orders via the world wide web, from anywhere in the world. BOSS also enables customers to track orders, giving them up to the minute details on any given project.

BOSS Login

We make nationwide communication manageable!

Our team of experienced engineers and national certified installers will customize a cost-effective, turnkey solution specific to your own venue and application. We design and install communications systems in any size building within all industries throughout the entire United States..


  • ERRCS Testing Services

    An ERRCs (Energy Recovery and Return Coefficient) test evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of a material or system designed to capture, store,...

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  • What is ERCES and how is it enforced?

    ERCES stands for Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems. These systems are critical for ensuring that emergency responders, such as firefighters and police,...

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Berk-Tel offers a comprehensive portfolio of communications infrastructure services.

Our experienced engineers are available nationwide to deliver custom solutions to your site or industry.

We make nationwide communications manageable.

BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. was founded under the idea that nationwide companies need help with the coordination and implementation of their Telecom and Data needs. By providing a single point of contact, BERK-TEL is able to maximize efficiency and economy but at the same time offer value added solutions that are tailored to each customer.

BERK-TEL has an immense network that encompasses the entire country. With over 2,000 dispatch locations and 30,000 technicians, BERK-TEL is able to handle major metropolitan cities as well as small towns.

BERK-TEL’s customers enjoy on-site service and maintenance 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our toll free 1-877 number. On average, our response time on emergency service calls is less than 4 hours, which is under the industry standard. Work performed can be on a time and materials basis or we are able to tailor an annual maintenance contract for you.

Many nationwide companies have chosen BERK-TEL to handle their telecom and data needs. We service in excess of 25,000 sites across the United States.