Florida Building Owners, Managers, and Residents: What is a BDA system? Why your building might need one? And when is the time to take action?

Attention all Florida building stakeholders! Ensuring seamless communication during emergencies is paramount. Did you know that modern building materials can weaken wireless signals, hindering crucial communication for first responders? Enter BDA systems - the solution for optimal emergency communication.

BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) systems, *a.k.a. ERCES {Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System}, are designed to strengthen radio signals for firefighters, police and all other first responders. These systems can amplify signals even in challenging spots like garages, elevators, and stairwells.

Florida's safety regulations are evolving rapidly. In fact, by January 2024, ALL buildings will be required to have authorized signal testing completed and potential systems permitted. If these tests fail to meet the minimum required signal, then a BDFA system is required to be installed by January 2025 to ensure reliable communication during critical moments.

*See link to Florida statues below. . .

Building owners, managers, and residents, please take note! If you're constructing a new building, act now to integrate BDA systems into your plans - it's a cost-effective move that guarantees compliance and safety. If your existing building has signal dead zones, retrofitting with BDA systems is essential to meet the new code requirements.

Stay prepared and connected. Reach out to experts like Berk-Tel Communications to navigate these changes seamlessly.
Let's prioritize safety and reliable communication for a more secure Florida! #EmergencyCommunication #BuildingSafety #BDASystems #FloridaBuildingCodes #PublicSafety