A well-designed DAS can enhance communication, improve patient care, and increase overall efficiency within the hospital

Improving cell signal in a hospital using a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) can significantly enhance communication for both staff and patients. Hospitals often have thick walls, multiple floors, and a high density of electronic equipment, which can lead to poor cell reception. BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS "ICE" (Interior Cellular Enhancement) has installed DAS in many hospital settings.…
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Elevate Your Communication with Berk-Tel Communications

Berk-Tel Communications, your go-to solution for advanced telecommunications. With our expertise spanning two dynamic areas - Cellular Booster Systems (I.C.E.) and Public Safety BDA Systems (I-BAND) - we're dedicated to transforming connectivity in diverse settings. In the realm of Cellular Boosters (I.C.E.), we specialize in amplifying cell phone signals within expansive environments like hospitals, schools,…
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Florida Building Owners, Managers, and Residents: What is a BDA system? Why your building might need one? And when is the time to take action?

Attention all Florida building stakeholders! Ensuring seamless communication during emergencies is paramount. Did you know that modern building materials can weaken wireless signals, hindering crucial communication for first responders? Enter BDA systems - the solution for optimal emergency communication. BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) systems, *a.k.a. ERCES {Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System}, are designed to strengthen radio signals for…
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