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A well-designed DAS can enhance communication, improve patient care, and increase overall efficiency within the hospital

Improving cell signal in a hospital using a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) can significantly enhance communication for both staff and patients. Hospitals often have thick walls, multiple floors, and a high density of electronic equipment, which can lead to poor cell reception. BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS "ICE" (Interior Cellular Enhancement) has installed DAS in many hospital settings.…
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Elevate Your Communication with Berk-Tel Communications

Berk-Tel Communications, your go-to solution for advanced telecommunications. With our expertise spanning two dynamic areas - Cellular Booster Systems (I.C.E.) and Public Safety BDA Systems (I-BAND) - we're dedicated to transforming connectivity in diverse settings. In the realm of Cellular Boosters (I.C.E.), we specialize in amplifying cell phone signals within expansive environments like hospitals, schools,…
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