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Safety By Design: Calling All Architects!

Are you an architect passionate about designing spaces that prioritize safety, efficiency, and connectivity? At the heart of every visionary architectural project is the vital need for seamless communication, especially during emergencies. Modern structures can challenge wireless signals, potentially impacting the efficiency of critical communication for first responders. Introducing Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERRCS).…
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What is DAS / “ICE” -and- why do we need it?

“ICE” uses good exterior cell signals, amplifies the frequencies individually and transmits the boosted signals through a series of interior antennas (DAS) offering enhanced interior coverage for ANY cell carrier in ANY area throughout the United States. The “ICE” system is an alternative solution to traditional DAS at a fraction of the cost. Modular in…
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RF Testing For ERRCS BDA Systems

The term ERRCS stands for Emergency Responder Radio Communication System. ERRCS is a system used to ensure that first responders, such as police, firefighters, and emergency medical services, have reliable radio communication during emergencies. The specific radio signal frequency ranges used for ERRCS can vary depending on the region and the radio technology in use,…
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