BDA and DAS Signal Boosters – Turn-Key Solutions – Our Process For Working With Your Company

BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS has has been installing ERRCS BDA System Emergency Radio Signal Enhancement system and DAS Distributed Antenna System signal booster systems since the technology was new 15+ years ago.  BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS has installed unique and cost effective signal booster systems (cellular and public safety) to cover more than 120 million square feet all around the country in apartments and hotels, office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing, hospitals and clinics, college and university campuses, retail buildings, casinos, etc.

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Is your building equipped for Emergency Communication?

First responders rely increasingly on wireless communication devices. In emergency situations they cannot afford signal loss or delay caused by attenuation, interference, or reflection. It is literally a matter of life and death when a firefighter is in your building trying to communicate with his or her team. The National Fire Protection Association has enacted
ordinances requiring minimums levels of coverage for Public Safety communication within new buildings.

Ensure your building is equipped for Critical Communications with a Berk-Tel Communications solution. Whether meeting NFPA requirements for first responders, or ensuring security personnel’s two-way radios function at full-reliability, Berk-Tel Communications’ menu of customizable signal amplification products provide for the most cost-effective and robust solution on the market.

We have a very simple process of getting budget numbers for ERRCS BDA System and DAS Systems.

  • You send us floor plans
  • We work directly with the AHJ to secure all the frequency and channel information
  • Our engineers put together a bidding price
  • We submit a proposal to your group

BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS commitment to Security and Reliability is proven through the advanced technology in the I-BAND solution. All levels of Government and Public Safety Officers depend increasingly on wireless communication devices. During an emergency, this type of Mission Critical communication needs to 100% reliable and consistent.