BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS BDA System (I-BAND) Emergency Radio Enhancement Case Study

Target commits to new advancements in in-store safety and securty communication systems throughout the Southeastern region of the US.

Target’s expansive retail spaces, averaging 160,000 sq ft per store, have been found to be problematic for clear radio communication for emergencyservice teams. Often because of the building’s “green compliant” construction materials and miles of metal shelving, the important frequencies dedicated to emergency responders’ two-way radios were being blocked, leaving them cut off and isolated at critical moments

Target’s positive experience with Berk-Tel on a handful of in-store projects led to the ultimatebconclusion that Berk-Tel’s performance-provenb“I-BAND” emergency response solution and theirblarge national footprint of experienced and licensedbinstallers were the perfect solution for this first setbof Southeastern system installations.

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