Berk-Tel I-BAND In-Building RF Solutions for Public Safety – (BDA Systems/ERRCS)

One of Berk-Tel Communication's foremost specialties is the design and installation of BDA (bi-directional amplifier) systems ERRCS or DAS (distributed antenna systems) that support public safety communications. Berk-Tel’s knowledge and experience in the industry have played a key role in their success.

Their background in two-way radio systems, which are used by public safety professionals such as police officers, firefighters, and EMTs, is a combination of engineering knowledge combined with professional experience. “We understand how these complex radio systems work and function differently from cellular systems. If a public safety DAS or BDA system is installed incorrectly, it can completely interrupt an entire fire or police radio network. Being qualified goes beyond our responsibility to our customers; the FCC can issue large daily fines to us for interfering with a radio network,” Strategic Business Manager Josh Dufour says.

Among the first DAS companies to provide installations for public safety, the company quickly expanded its service area from the Midwest to the entire USA. Many public safety organizations are just beginning to realize that the BDA system is just as essential as smoke or fire alarms and sprinkler systems, not just within their organization but in buildings they travel to in the field.

Some states are beginning to require the installation of BDA systems or public safety DAS in their building and fire codes, making compliance necessary to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Awareness has been slowly building since 2010 but, most notably, the 9/11 tragedy highlighted the importance of in-building communications, especially during large-scale emergencies.

Due to changes enacted by the National Fire Protection Association and the consequences that can arise from a poorly installed emergency communication system, Berk-Tel designed “ICE” and “I-BAND” to exceed industry accepted performance standards and guarantee reliable and consistent communications for Government and Public Safety personnel, and for standard business buildings. Their distinct installations have been proven to be different, better, and more cost-effective than the solutions offered by other providers and are subject to ultra-strict quality control guidelines.