Commercial Cellular Signal Booster System

Berk-Tel Communications, Inc. specializes in repeater systems that are suitable for commercial or industrial buildings, as well as large homes. These spaces have special requirements for a number of reasons, including materials the building is made out of, windows, surrounding structures, square footage, and other factors. Don’t let ”dead spots” slow you, your team, or your clients down. Learn more about our DAS design & installation process.

Why Commercial Buildings Need an Interior Cellular Enhancement System

Large buildings create an environment that makes it difficult for cell phones to reach their provider’s outdoor network (macro), due to a multitude of factors like the building materials, surrounding structures, and proximity to cell towers. We provide interior cellular enhancement systems for commercial buildings and sites like high-rises or towers, campuses, financial institutions, and office buildings of all sizes.

Optimal Connection on ALL Networks

Berk-Tel Communications created “I.C.E.” which is a proprietary, advanced interior cellular enhancement system that amplifies and distributes the frequencies of ALL United States mobile networks on ANY of their 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE technologies.

How Does it Work in a Large Building?

An “I.C.E.” interior cellular enhancement system connects to a source of mobile signal via a base transceiver station or bi-directional amplifier. This amplifier receives the network’s radio frequency and re-transmits it within the building via an ultra-low loss cable like an optical fiber or coaxial cable. Antennas are placed strategically throughout the building to evenly distribute the signal and maintain optimal coverage for users.