What is DAS / “ICE” -and- why do we need it?

“ICE” uses good exterior cell signals, amplifies the frequencies individually and transmits the boosted signals through a series of interior antennas (DAS) offering enhanced interior coverage for ANY cell carrier in ANY area throughout the United States. The “ICE” system is an alternative solution to traditional DAS at a fraction of the cost. Modular in design, a properly designed “ICE” system can provide enhanced coverage for ANY SIZE BUILDING and for VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED USERS. These full-featured signal booster includes adjustable gain control and automatic shut-down for network protection. The amplifier combines performance, value and durability. The TWO-YEAR warranty is a testimonial to the quality.

Technologies that boost, repeat or enhance RF signals inside a building via cable (fiber, Cat5/6, coax) and broadcast antennas similar to a Wi-Fi access point