Why is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is better signal for in store retail shopping apps?

A distributed antenna system (DAS) can be a better signal for in-store shopping apps because it can provide stronger and more reliable wireless coverage throughout a store. This can be especially important in larger stores or those with multiple floors, where users may experience weak or intermittent signal strength.

BERK-TEL COMMUNICATIONS I.A DAS works by distributing wireless signals from a central source to multiple antennas located throughout a building. This allows for better signal strength and coverage throughout the building, which can help ensure that users of in-store shopping apps have a strong and reliable connection.

In addition, a DAS can help to mitigate potential signal interference from other wireless devices and infrastructure within the store. This can help reduce signal drops and improve the overall user experience for those using in-store shopping apps.

Overall, by providing a stronger and more reliable wireless signal, a DAS can help in-store shopping apps operate more efficiently and effectively, which can lead to improved user engagement and ultimately increased sales for retailers.