• I-BAND: Interior Public Safety Band – Is your building equipped for Emergency Communication?

    I-BAND: Interior Public Safety Band R

    Is your building equipped for Emergency Communication? First responders rely increasingly on wireless communication devices. In emergency situations…

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  • Interior Cellular Enhancement

    Interior Cellular Enhancement

    Increased Cellular Signal Strength Inside of a Building Berk-Tel Communications, Inc. specializes in repeater systems that are suitable…

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  • Voice Solutions

    Voice Solutions

    Voice communications systems

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  • Cellular Solutions

    Cellular Solutions

    Berk-Tel Communications, Inc. has been installing “ICE” systems since the technology was new nearly a decade ago. Berk-Tel…

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  • Voice Cabling

    Voice Cabling

    Our voice cabling options include (but are not limited to): Legacy CAT-3 CAT-5 CAT-5e  CAT-6 FIBER COAXIAL VoIP

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  • Voice Coverage

    Voice Coverage

    Our nationwide network of voice installers will help you complete your project across all your locations. Click the…

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  • Voice Products

    Voice Products

    Our voice products include all legacy and current systems such as: LUCENT COMDIAL INTER-TEL MITEL EXECUTONE TIE VODAVI…

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  • Data Solutions

    Data Solutions

    Contact us for comprehensive data solutions including: Structured Cabling Systems Inside Plant Applications Outside Plant Applications Fiber Optics…

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  • Data Cabling

    Data Cabling

    From small office cabling systems to complex campus environments, we can address all your cabling needs. CAT-5 CAT-5e …

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  • Data Coverage

    Data Coverage

    Our data coverage extends nationally, we have the resources to handle your project at all locations. Click the…

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  • Data Products

    Data Products

    We work with all leading brands including (but not limited to): CISCO IBM HP DELL TOSHIBA UNISYS MERAKI…

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